Collection: Salim Mathkour

Born In: Al-Emarah, Iraq (1968)

Lives In: Doha, Qatar

Background: Salim Mathkour was born in Al-Emarah in southern Iraq, often dubbed "the Iraqi village." A visual artist, Mathkour attained his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts (AFA) at the University of Baghad. His artistic narrative took an international turn in 1993, leading him to Jordan, where he actively engaged in the art scene for over six years before making Qatar his current residence and workspace. Mathkour's artistic impact resonates globally, with widespread exhibitions across the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and North America. 

Style & Media: Salim Mathkour's artistic vision encompasses a spectrum of life's intricate textures and the serene expanses of the countryside, immortalizing the marsh dwellers and the abandoned Mashhoof boats once used by the Sumerians. Blending realism with poetic undertones and dreams, Mathkour consistently pursues originality by infusing his compositions with rich textures and profound emotional depths. Opting for simplicity and a monotone colour palette, his paintings skillfully portray a gamut of human emotions, from the exuberance of hope and joy to the distressing expressions of sorrow, all conveyed through dynamic brushstrokes that mirror the complex tensions of people navigating in deep crises.

Themes: Choosing to portray the poignant struggles of his native Iraq, Salim Mathkour places a delicate emphasis on the lives of his people, skillfully portraying women and children in moments of playful celebration or caught in reflective contemplation. His canvases resonate with a sense of immediacy, presenting figures endowed with a wisdom that surpasses their years, a necessity for those enduring the challenges of lands under siege.

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