Homebase: Toronto, ON, Canada

Abdulah Al-Ghoul’s ambition to draw out a new narrative of the Arab World is the ultimate driver behind Marsoum. Abdulah completed his studies in Hospitality Management and worked in the luxury hospitality industry for over 10 years, before seeking a more impactful career. This motivated him to complete his MBA in Vancouver, and become involved in the family business, Amman's celebrated Dar Al-Anda Art Gallery, which is where he truly immersed himself in the art world, and that of a gallerists’s persona. Abdulah continues to support Dar Al-Anda with international outreach and marketing efforts.

Abdulah was born into art, and carried with him its power and influence starting at a very early age - his mother having been an art dealer and collector for over 30 years. His early exposure to the meaning and impact of creative expression, and the pride he takes in his roots, have come together to create a home for art and artists coming out of the Arab World. Marsoum came to life as a platform to spread a message of hope and peace, and as a portal to showcase all the beauty the region encompasses.

You can learn more about Abdulah and his other work on his website. You can connect with Abdulah on Instagram or LinkedIn.