Collection: Waseem Ahmed

Born In: Hyderabad, Pakistan (1976)

Lives In: Lahore, Pakistan

Background: Waseem Ahmed's artistic journey is rooted in the rich tapestry of his family's history, with roots tracing back to their migration from India to Sindh, Pakistan, during the tumultuous partition in 1947. Growing up as a Muhajir (immigrant) in Sindh, Ahmed experienced firsthand the complexities of identity and belonging, which deeply inform his art, a poignant exploration of societal injustices and human resilience. Now based in Lahore, Ahmed stands as a luminary among Pakistan's miniature artists, crafting intricate works that serve as poignant reflections on contemporary issues, igniting conversations and sparking change with each stroke of his brush.

Style & Media: The artist effortlessly blends ancient Mughal customs with contemporary subtleties and inventive methods, seamlessly integrating the traditional medium of gouache with pure gold leaf to showcase his precision and artistic mastery. Ahmed asserts that the artistic essence of Miniature Painting is governed by the principles of perspective, pigment, technique, simplification, and natural elements. The art of Miniature Painting possesses its own intricate language and has evolved over time, while still maintaining its fundamental principles, like any other field of study. Ahmed's artwork has graced prestigious museums, galleries, and esteemed private collections worldwide, firmly establishing his prominence in the realm of contemporary Miniature Painting.

 Themes: Waseem Ahmed's art transcends borders to offer a nuanced exploration of contemporary issues. Ahmed incorporates symbolic motifs like Mullahs and lush gardens adorned with celestial beings and calligraphy, reflecting the complexities of our world. Drawing from diverse cultural and historical sources, Ahmed's evocative imagery sheds light on shared societal challenges amidst conflict, violence, and displacement faced by Eastern and Western societies.

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Waseem Ahmed