Collection: Sahar Al-Amir

Born In: Cairo, Egypt (1970)

Lives In: Alexandria, Egypt

Background: Renowned Egyptian artist Sahar Al-Amir, born in 1970, stands as a distinguished figure in the realm of visual arts, holding a Bachelor's Degree from Alexandria University's Faculty of Fine Arts in 1993. Her artistic influence extends across prominent venues, with notable exhibitions at Cairo Atelier, Alexandrian Atelier, and the Cairo Opera House. Particularly noteworthy are Al-Amir's solo showcases at the Ubuntu Art Gallery in Cairo, captivating audiences in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2020, and 2022. This varied exhibition history illuminates Al-Amir's substantial impact on the dynamic art scene, providing viewers with a glimpse into the evolution of her artistic prowess over the years.

Style & Media: Distinguished as a Visual Artist, Al-Amir employs a diverse array of artistic techniques in her creations, skilfully navigating the use of oil and acrylic paints, drawings, and collages to craft a rich and varied artistic tapestry.

Themes: Al-Amir's artistic ideology goes beyond surface aesthetics, plunging into profound philosophical depths that distinguish her as a notable post-war & contemporary artist. Her unrestrained expression is evident in the diverse array of mediums and materials she employs, crafting a complex and varied artistic panorama.

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Sahar Al-Amir