Collection: Mohamed Abla

Born In: Belqas, Egypt (1953)

Lives In: Cairo, Egypt

Background: In 1973, Mohamed Abla became part of the esteemed Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Alexandria. After earning his bachelor's degree in 1977, Abla shifted to Cairo for mandatory military service. In 1981, he expanded his intellectual horizons, immersing himself in the realms of graphics and sculptures in Switzerland. The following year, he continued his graphic studies in Austria, deepening his artistic expertise.

Style & Media: Renowned for his multifaceted artistic expressions, Mohamed Abla emerges as a versatile multimedia virtuoso, navigating the contours of Egyptian landscapes through abstract portrayals. Employing a diverse arsenal of paintings, sculptures, engravings, and installations, Abla orchestrates a seamless fusion of techniques, including lithography and collages, transcending conventional artistic boundaries. His extensive repertoire spans from lifelike renderings of Cairo's streets to creations inspired by his family's 1950 photographs, and cultural interpretations of hieroglyphs and native iconography. Abla, assuming the role of an artistic tour guide, invites viewers to transcend the ordinary tourist perspective, revealing an Egypt that is both enchanting and profound.

Themes: Exploring a diverse array of themes, the artist seamlessly weaves cultural tales into the intricate tapestry of contemporary social and political narratives within his creations. Abla's art masterfully captures the essence of these stories and the landscapes in the MENA region, deftly navigating layers to address present-day social and political concerns with a nuanced touch.

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Mohamed Abla