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An art collector admiring an artwork by Hamid Saeed at Dar Al-Anda

An Art Enthusiast Appreciating Hamid Saeed's Artwork at Dar Al-Anda

In a Few Words

Born In: Basra, Iraq (1976)

Background: Hamid Saeed, a leading figure in the Visual Arts, holds a Master of Fine Arts from Alexandria University, Egypt, and is a respected member of professional organizations.

Style & Media: Saeed draws inspiration from reality and skilfully manipulates dynamic shapes within a limited space. His evocative style, artfully integrates size reduction, distortion, and complexity, capturing raw emotions with a powerful, transcendent impact.

Themes: Saeed's art sparks deep emotions and blurs the lines between form and components. He challenges norms and contemplates the gap between creating and understanding. His work reveals beauty in the everyday natural world.

In a Few More Words

Born in Basra, Iraq in 1976, Hamid Saeed has emerged as a prominent figure in the world of Visual Art. With a Master of Fine Arts degree from Alexandria University in Egypt, he is a distinguished member of various professional organisations, including the Iraqi Plastic Artists Association, the Iraqi Artists Syndicate and, the Iraqi Association of Photography.

Saeed's artistic journey delves deep into the intersection of reality and artistic creation. His signature style features reductions in size, distortions, and an intriguing interplay of forms that defy traditional boundaries. The distinctive shapes in his artworks evoke dissonant transitions akin to the classical music styles of Russian composer Igor Stravinsky, known for his Neoclassical and Serial compositions. Saeed employs quick linings and superficial shapes, avoiding gradual colour gradations or emotional nuances to capture raw, unfiltered moments marked by violence, ferocity, and the struggle for survival.

His art is introspectively charged, connecting elements and forms in a unique way. He challenges viewers with thought-provoking questions about his art's boundaries and the interplay between visual singularity and realistic references, encouraging contemplation. Saeed's work goes beyond cultural norms, embodying ambitious artistic pursuits that resonate deeply with nature and the often-overlooked stability of everyday objects. It guides viewers through the realms of form, sentiment and human experiences, inviting exploration of profound connections between the tangible and intangible, leaving an enduring mark on the world of contemporary art.

Hamid Saeed's unwavering commitment to the arts has not gone unnoticed. He has received certificates of appreciation from the Iraqi Ministry of Culture for his consistent participation in the annual Al-Marbad Festival from 2009 to 2018, as well as recognition from the Cultural Palace in Basra from 2011 to 2013. His accolades include the First Prize for Art Education Teachers in Basra (2013), the Best Scenography Award at the Iraqi Theater Festival in Basra (2012), and the Farouk Hassan Award in the Ishtar Competition in Baghdad (2008).

His extensive portfolio is a testament to his talent, creativity, and dedication to the craft. With numerous exhibitions, awards, and recognitions to his name, Hamid Saeed's impact on the world of art is undeniable. 

    Key Exhibitions

    Al Wasiti International Festival, Baghdad, Iraq (2010)
    Ishtar Competition (2008, 2010)
    Al-Marbad Poetry Festival, Baghdad, Iraq (2004-2019)
    Contemporary Art Exhibition, Ministry of Culture, Baghdad, Iraq (2016)
    Hymns in Babylon, Hillah, Iraq (2011)
    Basra Theater Festival, Basra, Iraq (2012, 2013)
    Exhibition, Alexandria, Egypt (2014)
    Sumerion Exhibition for Iraqis Residing in Egypt (2014)
    Emirates Biennale of Fine Art (2016)


      Master of Fine Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt

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