Ghassan Ghaib - Artist Bio

Ghassan Ghaib Iraqi Artist

Ghassan Ghaib

In a Few Words

Born In: Baghdad, Iraq

Lives In: Glendale, CA, USA

Background: Ghassan Ghaib is an accomplished artist who is proficient in painting and sculpture.

Style & Media: With a keen eye for contemporary issues, Ghaib infuses historical elements into his art, giving it a unique twist by adding figures from another time.

Themes: His art mirrors the social and real-life aspects of human existence, eloquently capturing emotions and evoking empathy. 

In a Few More Words

Ghassan Ghaib's artistic journey began with a passion for art that emerged during his formative years. He nurtured this creative spark, eventually embarking on a formal artistic education, earning a diploma from the Fine Arts Institute in Baghdad in 1986. Ghaib continued to hone his skills and dedication to the craft, culminating in his attainment of a BA in Fine Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts in Baghdad.

Being deeply connected to his Iraqi roots and having witnessed the unfolding consequences of war in his homeland, Ghaib's art often carries poignant narratives from the Arab World. Ghaib uses his creations as a means of expressing not only his personal experiences but also the collective stories of those affected by the tumultuous events that have taken place in the region.

Unlike other artists, Ghaib's approach to art is marked by his fusion of the present with the past. Drawing inspiration from contemporary issues, he masterfully incorporates historical elements into his works. Whether he's expertly sketching figures on canvas or sculpting intricate forms, Ghassan embellishes his modern vision with echoes of ancient civilizations, bringing a timeless quality to his creations.

Ghassan Ghaib's art is a reflection of life's diverse moments, capturing the essence of both fleeting and significant events. Through his artistic expressions, he conveys themes of persistence, hope, and resilience in the face of challenges and adversity.

Ghaib's artistic prowess has garnered international recognition and acclaim, leading to his participation in numerous exhibitions across the globe. From showcasing his immaculate pieces in the Arab world to captivating audiences in Europe and the United States, Ghaib's artwork transcends boundaries, touching hearts, and minds with its evocative storytelling.

Key Exhibitions 

2001 Orfali Gallery, Amman, Jordan

2010 Banned from paradise. Karim Gallery, Amman, Jordan

2019 Butterfly Wing. Orfali Gallery, Amman, Jordan

2021 Artist book Exhibition. Orfali Gallery, Amman, Jordan

2022 Our planet today. (Thinking green). Orfali Gallery, Amman, Jordan

2010 Art Sawa Gallery, Dubai, UAE

2012 Nostalgia. Ghassan Ghaib with Ahmed Al Bahrani. Jacaranda Images, Amman, Jordan

2019 Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts - Object of Imagination. Contemporary Arab Ceramics, Amman, Jordan

2019 Theater of Operations, The Gulf War 1991-2011. MoMAPS1's Exhibition, New York, NY, USA


1987 The 6th Al Wasiti Award

1996 3rd Award, Contemporary Iraqi Art Festival, Baghdad

2000 Creativity Award, Baghdad


Art Center for Fine Arts, Baghdad, Iraq

Jordanian National Museum, Amman, Jordan

Arab Art Museum, Doha, Qatar

The British Museum, London, UK