Dhuha Al-Khdhairi - Artist Bio

In a Few Words

Born In: Baghdad, Iraq

Lives In: Vienna, Austria

Background: Dhuha Alkhdhairi is an Iraqi artist based in Vienna with a background in interior design and a passion for depicting old Iraqi architecture.

Style & Media: Dhuha's signature style adopts many elements from the Islamic art era while adding modern touches and colors to them.

Themes: Dhuha weaves intricate tales of fantasy, love, and hope through her vibrant and colorful artwork, drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of old Iraqi architecture.

In a Few More Words

Dhuha Alkhdhairi, an artist with an unwavering passion for creativity, embarked on her artistic journey in the vibrant city of Baghdad. During her formative years, she delved into the study of ancient Iraqi architecture as part of her interior design studies at Baghdad University's College of Art. Graduating in 1998, she emerged with a unique vision that beautifully intertwined fantasy, love, and hope, which would go on to shape her extraordinary artistic creations.

Her canvases become a playground for colors, her brushstrokes narrate stories of a world teeming with vibrant imagination, and her art is a testament to the resilient spirit of humanity. Alkhdhairi's work embodies the essence of heritage, allowing her audience to experience a visual tapestry of intricate details and patterns that speak of a colorful legacy.

Alkhdhairi's creative odyssey transcends borders, as her art resonates on an international stage. Her participation in prestigious exhibitions around the world has garnered attention and acclaim. Noteworthy among these are her appearances at the Tokyo International Art Fair in 2018, the Barcelona International Art Fair in 2016, and the Urban Twist 2015 exhibition in Vienna, Austria. Her artistry has also graced the galleries of London, England; Dhahran, Saudi Arabia; Amman, Jordan; and Tokyo, Japan, among others.

The unique allure of Alkhdhairi's work lies in its ability to evoke emotions, awaken dreams, and ignite hope. Her pieces, often characterized by a harmonious blend of fantasy and reality, radiate an optimistic energy that captivates audiences worldwide. With each stroke of her brush, she breathes life into her canvas, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a world of enchantment and possibility.


2018 Tokyo International Art Fair, Japan

2016 Barcelona International Art Fair, Spain

2015 Urban Twist 2015, Rearte-gallery, Vienna, Austria

2012 The Other Art Fair 2012, London, England

2011 Real Colors Art Show 2011, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

2011 Houses from Memory, Dar Al-Anda Art Gallery, Amman, Jordan

2007 Arabian Art Tokyo, Japan

2007 My City, Darbouna Gallery, Intercontinental Hotel, Amman, Jordan

2005 Windows from Baghdad, Royal Hotel, Amman, Jordan

2000-2002 Orfali Gallery, Baghdad, Iraq

Dhuha Alkhdhairi's art is an invitation to explore a world where imagination knows no bounds, where love and hope intertwine, and where vibrant colors breathe life into the legacy of Iraqi architecture and beyond.

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