Stéphane Herbert - Artist Bio

"Infinity Blue," a photographic artwork created by Stéphane Herbert

 "Infinity Blue," a photographic artwork created by Stéphane Herbert

In a Few Words

Born In: Paris, France

Lives In: Paris, France & Salvador de Bahia, Brazil

Background: A published author and photojournalist with over 25 years in the field.

Style & Media: Herbert’s exploratory photographs are featured as standalone artworks, as well as chapters in art books and publications.

Themes: Herbert tells stories of civilizations and the traditions that define and harmonize them.

In a Few More Words

Stéphane Herbert has been a photographer for over 25 years. He is also a published author, which is a perfect parallel to his highly exploratory photojournalism. To date, Stéphane has co-authored “Brasilia, The Blooming of a Capital” (Brasilia, l’épanouissement d’une capitale [A&J Picard, 2006]) and “MONGUEN de Cordillera a Mar, Portraits of Mapuche Elders of Chile” [Globe Vision, 2012].

Stéphane Herbert has contributed to several reputable magazines in France, such as Géo and Grands Reportages alongside book publishers including Éditions du Patrimoine and Solar. 

A true citizen of the world, Stéphane Herbert frequently tells stories of contemporary civilizations and the underlying traditions that continue to define and harmonize them in a contemporary setting. In his own words: “My aim is to photograph lands and their peoples, societies and their traditions”.

He has exhibited his works in France (UNESCO, Galerie Blanche), Brazil (Museu Nacional, Espaço Cultural 508 Sul), India and Japan (Alliance Française). In 2014, his photo-essay imaginals joined the collections of the Istanbul Photography Museum.

Stéphane Herbert spends his time equally between Paris, France and Salvador de Bahia in Brazil. He is a member of the Globe Vision Organization and identifies with the «Free Culture» movement.

Key Exhibitions

IMAGINALS, Amman Image Festival, Dar Al Anda Art Gallery, Amman, Jordan (2017)

IMAGINALS, Istanbul Photography Museum, Istanbul, Turkey (2014)