Oroubah Dieb - Artist Bio

Syrian artist Oroubah Dieb stands by one of her collage artworks 

Oroubah Dieb


In a Few Words

Born In: Damascus, Syria

Lives In: Créteil, France

Background: a multidisciplinary artist and philanthropist from Syria residing in France

Style & Media: Drawing, painting and sculpture

Themes: Oroubah’s subjects are mainly women and children in exile or refugee camps.

In a Few More Words

Born in 1968 in Damascus, Syria, Oroubah Dieb is a visual artist, Oroubah Dieb graduated from the Adham Ismael Center for Plastic Arts in Damascus in 1989. She went on to graduate from the Institute of Applied Arts, Sculpture Department, in Damascus in 1991.

Over the course of her career, she has created works across several media, and exhibited at various art galleries around the world. Oroubah is married to Hammoud Chantout, another member of the Marsoum Art Collective, and has even run a couple of joint exhibitions with him.

Oroubah has conducted numerous aid and prevention projects in refugee camps in Lebanon. She has also run several workshops for children. Since Oroubah’s relocation in France in 2016, she has favored using the brush chisel. Her subjects are mainly women and children who are exiled or in refugee camps.

Key Exhibitions

1998 solo exhibition at Shoura Gallery, Damascus, Syria
2004 joint exhibition with Hammoud Chantout at Art Form Gallery, Montréal, Canada
2013 joint exhibition with Hammoud Chantout at The Avenue Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
2018 The 18th Arrondissement Festival, Paris, France
2018 “Artists Without Borders” (symposium), Nuremberg, Germany
2018 Saint Brieuc artistic residency, France