Mohammed Afefa - Artist Bio

Jordanian-Palestinian cartoonist turned painter Mohammed Afefa

Mohammed Afefa

In a Few Words

Born In: Al-Qutaif, Saudi Arabia

Lives In: Amman, Jordan

Background: A spirited Jordanian-Palestinian cartoonist turned painter influenced by stories of everyday life.

Primary Themes: Mohammed Afefa creates abstract and figurative pieces based on relatable human experiences within the world and the interactions that come into play.

In a Few More Words

Mohammed Afefa was born in Al-Qutaif, Saudi Arabia in 1972 to parents of Palestinian lineage. He now lives and works in Amman, Jordan. He received an Interior Design Diploma from the Arab Community College in Amman. Afefa has had a well respected career so far,  with seven solo exhibitions, six workshops and participation in over forty group exhibitions in the Middle East.

Afefa has also received various nominations throughout the years, including the Arab Press Award (Cartoon Category) in 2013. A year earlier, in 2012 he won the Naji Al-Ali Caricature Award which was hosted by the Palestine International Foundation in Amman.

Mohammed Afefa possesses a unique yet relatable artistic flair. Combining both animals and human beings in his art offers a connectedness between the artist and the viewer.

Key Exhibitions

2020 The Cat Project [Online Exhibition], Marsoum Art Collective x Dar Al-Anda, Amman, Jordan

2017 Motifat [Solo Exhibition], Fann Wa Chai, Amman, Jordan

2016 Memory and Fish  [Solo Exhibition], Societa Dante Alighieri, Amman, Jordan

2014 We Draw for Gaza [Group Caricature Exhibition], Mahmoud Darwish Museum, Ramallah, Palestine

2013 Blue Pen  [Solo Exhibition], In the Artists’ Studio, Amman, Jordan

2012 Rebellion [Group Exhibition], Itri, Italy