Hiba Judeh - Artist Bio

A Photograph by Jordanian artist Hiba Judeh

A Photograph by Jordanian artist Hiba Judeh

In a Few Words

Born in: Amman, Jordan

Lives In: Dubai, UAE

Background: A visual artist who examines the state of one’s soul in narrative projections.

Style & Media: Hiba’s photography is centered around observation and exploring a language through physical planes.

Themes: Delving into the inner workings of each subject's psyche by exploring the root of things.

In a Few More Words

Hiba Judeh’s vibrant soul is illuminated by a series of eye-opening experiences encountered from her childhood. With the belief that everything our gaze lands on carries a deeper implication, she began longing for a means of expression to project what she perceives about her subject of interest; she wanted to showcase what her eyes see from her own personal point of view.

Despite the art of writing being Judeh’s first form of self-expression, particularly poetry and metaphors, she carried inside her far too many iridescent images to be able to convey them all into words alone. By the year 2000, she chose to stay within the realms of art and explored a different medium; she rediscovered her affinity for photography and came to the conscious decision to create a visual platform through her mind.

Judeh obtained a degree in the Visual Arts from Jordan University and used it as the steppingstone to her ever-progressing career as a Visual Artist. She later explored the prospects of setting her photographs in motion to be able to tell stories at a collective scale. She added yet another degree to her arsenal by attaining a Film Diploma from the SAE Institute and an MFA in Directing and Cinematography from USC Middle East – RSICA.

As someone who sees themselves as an “Inner Engineer,” Judeh aims to capture images and films that speak of deeper meanings. Whether her images are lustrous in colors or static in black and white, she challenges the human mind to explore the depths of her creations, to see the beauty her crystalline eyes discern.

Two of Hiba Judeh’s films, Duma and Someone, are Psychological Drama short films that were accredited in film festivals and markets. The artist aids in conceptualizing ideas into both art photography and cinema by mentoring young filmmakers in Jordan. 

Key Exhibitions

Fragments of Residency, Photography & Video Art Exhibition, French Cultural Center, Amman, Jordan (2007)

The Spirit Project, Image Festival France, Photography Exhibition, Amman, Jordan (2012)

The Studio Amman, Amman, Jordan (2012)


Messiah, NETFLIX, Official Still Photographer (2020)
Sergio, NETFLIX, Official Still Photographer (2020)
Caliphate, NETFLIX, Still Photographer (2020)
A Private War, Acacia Filmed Entertainment, BTS Cinematographer (2018)
Prometheus, Ridley Scott Productions, Official Still Photographer (2012)
Strike Back, HBO, BTS Cinematographer (2010) 

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