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The Art Lover’s Guide to Dubai
Indulge in another entry in our City Art Guide Series, where we explore the top 10 things that art lovers can do when they visit Dubai. This list ranges from the modern metropolis's vibrant public art and festival scene to more intimate experiences at some of the city's most prestigious galleries and cultural spaces.
Collector's Handbook: The Tea on NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)
The conversation around NFTs has been intensifying ever since the term first came into the spotlight in 2021. From the famous Nyan Cat GIF by Chris Torres that sold for $560,000 to Beeple’s digital collage piece that sold for $69 million at a Christie’s auction, this rather novel digital asset has bred tons of questions on potential online investment in the realm of crypto art. So, what is an NFT anyway? and what does its emergence mean for art collectors?
Reflecting on 2019 / Musing on 2020
we revisit our favourite moments of 2019 and share a few exciting updates on what we’ve been working on for 2020. 2019’s highlights include our first-ever online exhibition “A National Monument” and our first live exhibition “Too Far, So Close”. We also introduce a few new artists and platform updates for 2020.

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