Inside the Mystical Mind of Egyptian Artist Hady Boraey

Inside the Mystical Mind of Egyptian Artist Hady Boraey

Art has always managed to capture our attention irrespective of its style or form. Whether it was the written word or the colorful image, it served to challenge our minds and thoughts and lure from us feelings that are far deeper than what’s on the surface. 

Using painting as his medium, and drawing inspiration from his country, award-winning Egyptian painter, Hady Boraey, allows us to explore the depths of his mind while taking us on a journey of self-discovery and self-finding. 

I want people to take a step back and leave the material world behind for just a moment as they take the time to study the painting in front of them. I want them to look at my pieces and discover something about themselves they never knew before.

The Mighty Brush of Glory 

From a young age, the Egyptian contemporary artist felt compelled to express himself and shed light on the stories he grew up hearing. Boraey, who was surrounded with the tales of the Sphinx of Giza, the pyramids of Egypt, and the Abu Simbel temples developed a fascination towards his ancestors’ work and the rich history it carries. Failing to find the right words to convey the feelings and the experience evoked by said wonders, Boraey resorted to another means of expression that would allow him to lay his feelings bare without needing to speak. Using the brush as his weapon, Boraey’s portfolio of artwork is littered with Egyptian pharaoh art, artworks depicting Egyptian Gods, and Egyptian mythology art that all aim to keep his ancestors alive and retell their stories through his unique voice and colorful strokes.

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Hady Boraey’s Northern Star    

“Every piece of art created has a purpose,” admits Hady Boraey. “What sets artists apart isn’t technique or style, it’s the profound meaning behind their art.” From the artist’s modern Egyptian art pieces to those that revisit ancient Egyptian fantasy scenes, Egypt remains a constant among his work. To Hady Boraey, his art is all about the deeper dimension of our existence. 

While using Egypt at the heart of his paintings, Boraey aims to commemorate his roots, his grandfathers, and all the generations that came before him, who contributed majorly in the creation of our world today. And although Boraey’s pharaoh inspired art and the more contemporary Egyptian art he creates may have different muses or revolve around different tales, Hady crafts those pieces in a way that mirrors his modern society and challenges the spectator. “I want people to take a step back and leave the material world behind for just a moment as they take the time to study the painting in front of them. I want them to look at my pieces and discover something about themselves they never knew before.” 

The Art of Simplicity and Primitiveness

All those who have laid eyes on Boraey’s contemporary Egyptian art agree that there’s a certain air of simplicity and primitiveness to it. The artist admits that his use of this style is derived from his childhood. “I grew up in a big house surrounded by nature. The energy it radiated made me understand that humans are a part of something greater than themselves.” Boraey’s art pieces express a feeling of belonging along with a deep connection to our surrounding. Some have dubbed Hady’s style as Egyptian pop art. When crafting his art, Boraey has always intended to use simple methods that in return are loud enough to convey his voice. In his opinion, “Simplicity is at the core of all the world’s masterpieces.” Which in return would explain its heavy use across all his work. 


The Colorful Tapestry That Is the Human Mind

Hady Boraey’s mind is consumed with endless thoughts, ideas, and scenarios that he continuously translates into unique works of art. Boraey believes that the perfect piece is built on a reality and topped off with a hint of imagination. Throughout the years, he has had various exhibitions across the world to showcase what lies inside his mind. Here’s a glimpse at this modern Egyptian artist’s most famous exhibitions:

  • Beyond Borders: Encouraging the spectators to take risks and seek answers to what could lie beyond physical or abstract frontiers.

  • Hope is a Traveller: Showcasing hope as a constant among all human beings yet portraying how each one of us yearns for something different and uniquely ours.

  • Towards the Unknown: Inspiring the rise of questions such as “what if” and “what could be,” which highlight hope and fascination.

Egyptian artist Hady Boraey has managed to evoke various feelings in the hearts of his audience. Every unique piece of art he has crafted is accompanied by fine reality and a grain of imagination. With that, he pushes beyond the limits and raises questions that demand to be answered. Today, Boraey’s artwork is displayed throughout several galleries and private collections in countries all around the world. And Hady’s mystical paintings always seem to sell in the blink of an eye. With the promise of building a society and embarking on a journey of discovery, Hady Boraey is working on his newest collection that’ll surely captivate anyone who will lay their eyes on it.

Written by: Sabine Faress

Sabine Faress is a creative English copywriter and storyteller, who believes that art in all its forms has the power to change the world. An aesthete and an avid reader; if she isn’t seeking the next big adventure, then you’ll find her cozying up with a book and a warm cup of tea.

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