Celebrating Body Positivity with our Latest Exhibition: "Earthshine" by Yafa Gowaily & Kaiser Moussa

Celebrating Body Positivity with our Latest Exhibition: "Earthshine" by Yafa Gowaily & Kaiser Moussa

On June 21, Yafa Gowaily & Kaiser Moussa Launched “Earthshine”, An Online Exhibition Powered by Marsoum Art Collective 

The Canadian-Egyptian Artists Embrace Body Positivity Through A New Series of Exhilarating Body Art Photographs

About “Earthshine

 Yafa Gowaily and Kaiser Moussa are excited to present “Earthshine”, their first online exhibition. This stream of new artworks was created with love, harmony, and a pure desire to portray the body’s natural beauty through exuberant and blissful colors.

Earthshine” launched virtually through a panel with the artists and Abdulah, the founder of Marsoum Art Collective on Monday June 21, 2021 at 8 p.m. EST. You can watch a replay of the virtual vernissage just below.

“Body painting was, and still is, a very powerful way for me to communicate and freely express the appreciation I have for each and every beautiful person on this earth,” says Gowaily about this new collection of photographic artworks capturing the process and afterglow of several body painting sessions.  Yafa also says, “Art is a cure for me, body painting reminds me that art accepts and accommodates everyone; it holds no boundaries, it has no laws. It just freely accepts each and every soul, as they are.”

Housed on a dedicated hub on Marsoum’s exhibition section, “Earthshine” includes a 3D virtual gallery walkthrough with guided audio tracks, a first for the Collection; a virtual Q&A panel session with Yafa and Kaiser themselves; and last but not least, two live body painting sessions with Jade Thompson, a queer, non-binary Indigenous Canadian artist, and French-Canadian model Carine Latulippe.

This immersive exhibition is the first of its kind for Marsoum Art Collective, allowing art lovers to virtually interact with not only the artworks, but with the artists and subjects. This is Marsoum’s sixth exhibition since its launch in 2018.

About The People Behind “Earthshine”

About Yafa Gowaily: Yafa holds a degree in Fine Arts and a Filmmaking Diploma from Alexandria University in Egypt. She has helmed a diverse portfolio of films and documentaries, which revolve around various topics and issues she sought to speak loudly about. Learn more.

About Kaiser Moussa:  Kaiser holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Government from Alexandria University (2001), a diploma in Film, Cinema and Video Studies from SEMAT Film School (2005), and a diploma in Film and TV Production from the London Academy of Film, Media, and TV (2011). Kaiser has over 21 year of experience within the motion picture industry. He has worked with various TV, radio broadcasting, digital, and social media platforms. Learn more.

About Marsoum Art Collective: Founded by Abdulah Al-Ghoul in 2018, Marsoum Art Collective is a digital space that’s painting a different story of the Middle East and North Africa by empowering artists from the region and its diaspora to promote and sell their art online. Marsoum started out with 6 founding members and has now grown to 25 artists from the Arab World and its diaspora, and counting, A portion of all of Marsoum’s net proceeds goes towards supporting Visualizing Palestine.

Experience “Earthshine” Now

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the exhibition to browse the virtual viewing room, read the full artist’s statement and to learn more about the story behind “Earthshine“.

Written by: Abdulah S Al-Ghoul

Abdulah Al-Ghoul is a digital project manager and strategist with a background in several industries including hospitality, fine arts and marketing.

Abdulah founded the Marsoum Art Collective in 2018.


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