Abdulqader Bakhit - Artist Bio

In a Few Words

Born In: Majdoob, Sudan

Lives In: Khartoum, Sudan

Background: An artist deeply rooted in the worlds of caricature and painting, weaving threads of nostalgia and innocence into vibrant tapestries of color.

Style & Media: With a rich palette of primary colors, Abdulqader's work radiates warmth and transports viewers to simpler times, reflecting themes of innocence and purity.

Themes: A master at capturing the essence of childhood memories and positive experiences, Abdulqader's art resonates with an enduring sense of joy and reflection. 

In a Few More Words

Abdulqader Bakhit weaves his artistry from the fabric of his childhood, infusing each piece with a vibrant tapestry of nostalgia and positivity. His journey as an artist began in the town of Majdoob, Sudan, where he was born in 1966. From a young age, he found himself drawn to both caricature and painting, which would later form the foundations of his unique artistic style.

Throughout his artistic evolution, Abdulqader's choice of media may shift, but the enduring themes of innocence and purity remain steadfast. His canvas often blooms with primary colors, radiating warmth that envelops viewers and transports them to a realm of cherished memories. These hues are more than pigments; they are conduits for evoking emotions and conjuring images of a simpler time, capturing the heart and imagination of anyone who gazes upon his work.

His creative journey led him to earn a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Sudan in 1990, further nurturing his innate talent. Beyond his artistic pursuits, Abdulqader has etched his name into the annals of art history by serving as the Art Director for Dar Al-Anda in Jordan from 2002 to 2016. His artistic contributions extend beyond borders, as he is a valued member of both the Sudanese Plastic Artists Union and the Jordanian Plastic Artists Association.

Abdulqader's unwavering dedication and immense talent have not gone unnoticed. His artistic endeavors have been celebrated with various accolades, including a UNESCO Award in 1998 and a prestigious Al-Khurafee Biennial Award from Kuwait in 2006. These honors serve as testaments to the profound impact his art has on those who have the privilege of encountering it.


1998 UNESCO Award 2006 Al-Khurafee Biennial Award, Kuwait

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